Snow Angel

I wrote this poem.  I remember when I was little I always liked to lay in the snow and make a Angel.  It was so fun and innocent.  The other day I went outside and seen all the white fluffy snow and it reminded of that.  Sometimes just the littlest things can make you happy.  Have a wonderful day.  Maybe you can remember times when you did this too.  Feel free to share if you would like.  😊🌼

When I was a little girl

I always wanted to

Lay in the snow and

Move my arms and legs

And make a snow Angel.

Oh what fun!

That was back then

When I was a

Little kid.

Sometimes I wish

I could go back

In time

And do all those

Fun things again.

So innocent, so trusting

So loving.

Wouldn’t it be nice

For just one day?

Oh I think it

Would be!

For just a day!

But that’s not the

Way !

It’s going to be!🌼😊


Photo credits: Google images



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