About Me

  • I am just a daughter whose mom has Alzheimer’s Disease and is writing this blog to help myself as I write to help me cope with this.  I would also like to help other people who have a friend or family member with this.  I’m not a expert I just want to get through this the best  way I can through writing which some how helps me.   I am a mother to four daughters and I have three grandchildren and one on the way in December. I am married to my loving husband Gary for almost 22 years.  I live in Albion New York. I have worked in childcare most of my life and I attended Genesee Community College for Human Services.  I like to write and sing and spend time with my family.  I also am a Christian and I attend church.   I hope you like this blog and it helps you in some way.  Also I don’t want anyone to think that I am belittling anyone especially my mom because I love her very much and I know she has a disease and I am trying to write about it to help me cope and to help others who might be facing this also with a friend or family member.