This time of yearAlmost always brings me to tearsI love the fall and all the leaves butIt also brings back memories of days gone by. Some good some bad. I remember when I was a kid when fall came we would always rake leaves into a big pile and then jump into them. That was so much fun. Now I donโ€™t see many kids doing that. It was just a simple thing but it was really fun. I remember going trick or treating with my cousins and going to my aunts house with the costumes that had the masks with the rubber bands. They would rip before you put them on. Then we would go all over town and the houses that had porch lights we would stop at. We got a lot of candy we would walk and walk down each street. We would go at least for a couple hours til our bags were full. Then I still remember my mom dumping all our candy checking to make sure it was alright to eat. That was so fun too. Now probably things are different. But back then we did all of that. I remember making my own Halloween costume to I was raggedy Andy and my friend was raggedy Ann. We made hair out of yarn and found old clothes to wear. That was special making a Halloween costume for yourself. Those days are gone too. Now everyone wants to go to Walmart or Spirit of Halloween to go purchase their costume. I love the fall so much I also remember when I was in youth group we used to have a hay ride every year. Some people from our church had a big wagon and they would put bails of hay on it and we would jump on top and ride around. What fun that was and then go back and have hot apple cider and some delicious donuts for a great treat. Those days are gone now. What do you remember when you were a kid in the Fall and Halloween? ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ

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