As I write this I am trying to remember all the memories that my mom and I have shared over all my life. I don’t know how long she has to remember them and this is very difficult for me. I believe our memories are what keeps us going and when we are robbed of that we don’t have anything left ! With this disease entire memories are lost so we have to keep them in our hearts for the people we love. So we can try and tell them! It’s important to keep pictures of events so we can use them to help our family member to remember! This is really difficult but we need to and we need to keep all of these in our hearts and souls! I was thinking about making a s crap book for my mom in case she forgets something at least I have a picture to show her ! I just want to be there for her and let her know no matter what I’m still here and even if she forgets me she will always have me in her heart !❤️



Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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