Where do I go?

I wrote this poem and I hope you like it.   Sometimes time just goes so fast we can’t keep up.  I wish it would slow down just a little.  Have a awesome day!

Where do I go from


I got words to speak


feelings to be heard!

That just bring me to more tears!

Its amazing how crazy


time flies by!

Can’t even catch a breath!

and it’s another





I’m titling this post guilt ! Because when you have a family member that has dementia or Alzheimer’s you can feel guilty because you feel helpless when you know how much this person struggles. You also might feel like you don’t know if you are  doing enough for them. You want to be there for them as much as possible but sometimes you just can’t.  You are always thinking about them and how they are doing because you love them so much . It’s very hard sometimes to know how much to do for them .  Sometimes it feels like  you just want the time to stop so you can catch up with them. You might need more family to help out sometimes so you don’t become burned out and take a break every once in a while so you can cope in a better way. This can really help you better because you are doing something different and it helps you take your mind off of them for a while.  It’s good to do something fun maybe if it’s going for a walk in your favorite store or buying yourself a ice cream cone. Anything that gets you away for a while.


I started this blog to try and help other people who have faced or are still facing this terrible disease called Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Many of my family members including my dear grandma who was perfectly normal have faced this debilitating disease and having their mind taking right away from them. I thought maybe this blog could help me as I write and come to grips with this or I could help someone out there who needs encouragement or feels like their all alone dealing with this. There are many people that have husbands wives sons and daughters really young and old who have dealt with this in some way. It hasn’t really affected me that long but now I can see we need help and strength to get through the numerous challenges that this disease brings. 😊

We all can try and make a difference.  There is also the Alzheimers  Association which has a wealth of information to share with you also. I have also decided to write about life, motherhood and the many challenges that I have faced with unemployment and all the struggles you face with looking for work because I have been faced with this for many years and it is very time consuming and frustrating and stressful.  So maybe I can help someone who is facing this too. I truly hope so.