How long?

I wrote this poem.  Sometimes it’s so hard to bear watching my mom go downhill everyday. So it helps me to write and share with all of you.  Today I’m raising money for Alzheimer’s called the Longest day!  Everyone can help a little.  I hope my blog helps someone out there who is facing this too.  Know that you are not alone!  Have a wonderful day!😀🌼

How long

Will you remember me?

How long will it be?

I do not know!

I only know that

I love you!

No matter what!

You are my mother

And you will

Always be!

How long

Is it going to be

Before everything changes?

I don’t even want to think

About it!

But I know I have to

Face it somehow!

But how long?

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD😀🌼


Good ole days

I wrote this poem.  I miss the times when my mom could do more.  It’s hard sometimes but I’m glad she’s still here and I can spend time with her.  Have a great day!🌼

I wish I could go back

To the good old days!

Days before all this

Disease hit!

When my parents were well.

I would give anything to go

Over there and have a famous Blt

Again for lunch!

Like my mom always made me or

A nice bowl of jello with

Fruit cocktail in it!

I miss those days when my

Mom knew what was going on

And I could talk to her without

Her asking me the same things

Over and over again!

I miss those days of just

Enjoying being together!

You might think it doesn’t matter

But cherish the days that you have

Because you never know how

Long it will last!

It would be great just to have those


Little things back again!

You might just say the

Good ole days!😀🌼

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD



I wrote this poem.  I started this blog because of my mom having dementia and Alzheimer’s and a great deal of my family has it too.  My mom is struggling right now and she has a great deal of challenges.   It helps me to write and share with all of you.  Have a great day!

How can I say goodbye

After all these years

And tears!

It’s so hard to understand

What your going through!

I love you so much mom

I would give anything to feel

Your touch again!

But if the Lord decides

He wants you

There will be nothing

That I can do!

I know it will end

Your pain!

And set you free!

But you won’t be

With me!

I will miss you

So much!

But I know I

Will feel your touch again

Sometime, somewhere!🌼😀

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD


One Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday even though she really don’t remember it!  I started this blog because I wanted to share about my experiences and challenges that we face because of Alzheimer’s disease!   I hope I can help someone else who might be facing this also!  I wrote this poem! Have a great day!

You only have

One mom in

Your life and


I have the best

Of all the rest!

She might not

Know that

I love her so!

But she has been

With me since!

I was born

She has seen me at

My worst

And best.

Since I was a


And many more!

She has seen me through

And when I was feeling


Now that’s she’s older

Things have been changing!

I have to take care

Of her!

Instead of like before!

It might not be easy!

But I don’t care!

She is my mother!

Like no


Copyright-Reflections of Love/CD

Picture: pixabay