Gingerbread House

I wrote this fun poem.  I really hope you like it.  I haven’t been feeling to good because of a nasty sinus infection but I’m starting to feel a little better now.  I love sharing with all of you and I enjoy reading all of your blogs too very much! Have a awesome day! 🌼😊

Gingerbread house

Sometimes I’d like to

Live in a gingerbread house

The walls would be so sweet

And the Windows would

Be good because they would

Be made of yummy


You wouldn’t have to clean it

Because there would be

No one there!

You would be tiny

And no one would

Bother you

Wouldn’t it be great

To live

There during the


Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD😊🌼


My Brother

Happy Monday! I wrote this poem!

I have a brother

Like no other!

When I was a little kid

I always wondered

What he did!

He’s a very nice guy!

And, we get along

Better than we ever did!

Now that we are all grown

We understand more of our


Ups and downs

And we’re there for our

Mom and dad!

And that makes me

So glad!

They are both facing

Some challenges!

But we can work together

To help them when they

Need it!🌼😀

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

Photo Credits: pixabay


I wrote this poem.  Everyday is a gift for all of us so we should enjoy it.  Have a wonderful day!😀🌼

We will never get

Another day like


So embrace every

Minute of it!

Everyday is a gift

We should cherish!

Everyday is a new beginning

To be all you can be

To face any obstacles we can


To love and be loved like

No other

And give love away!

To anyone who

Needs it!

To be truly grateful

For all you have!

And do the best

You can!🌼😀

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

Photo credits:pixabay




I wrote this fun poem! Have a lovely day!

Reach for the stars

No matter where you


Got to keep going, going, going

No matter how hard it is!

Why Why?

Can’t give up!


The skies the limit

Got to fly!




Reflections of Love/CD

Photo credits:pixabay