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I wanted to write to you to say I’ve currently been very busy looking for a job. I’m finding it’s a little harder when you get older. As Mother day approaches I think about my mom and it’s hard here not being here esp on Mothers Day. I’m thankful I had her all the years I did but it’s just not the same. I can’t believe it will be two years next month that my moms been gone. Oh how I miss her so. I miss not being able to share with her. I have her pictures that I can look at but I miss her voice and the comfort you feel just being with your mom. It’s a bond so special. There’s nothing like it. Dementia took a lot of years away from her. I would give anything to have all of that back. Even though it was very hard sometimes I just cherish the memories and all the time I had to spend with my mom and dad.

My dad was a trooper through it all with my mom. He never complained about any of it and I know it was very hard on him too but he never let it bother him. He took it all in stride everyday watching my mom disappear every day. He did break down one day when my mom looked at him and she said who are you . She didn’t recognize him and this just broke his heart. My dad cried that day and I felt so bad. He never got upset with her either she would do some bizarre things sometime but it never bothered him. He would just agree with her and let her be. To be honest he did better than me cuz sometimes I would get upset with her. But not him. He would just go with it. I give my dad a lot of credit for that.

I guess I just need to cherish those special times. Even though through dementia you can make it through.

I guess I just wanted to share. Have a good day and enjoy every minute of it. 😊❤️

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I wrote this poem! You ever do something and nothing seems to work so you keep on trying! I wrote this poem. Have a lovely day !😊❤️

How does your life

Get so hard it

Feels like your broken

In a million pieces!

You try and try

But nothing seems to


You feel like giving up!

But you know you


You got to keep going

No matter what?

You got to make it


Somehow! 😊❤️

Copyright:  Reflections of Love/CD

My journey 

I have been taking care of my mom because she has dementia.  Now my dad has foot drop so he can’t get around as good as he once did.  So between the two of them I am busy.  My brother lives in New Jersey and he can’t do to much.  I find it a great privilege to take care of my parents it’s not a burden at all to me.  Some days it’s not easy but I make it through and it gives me joy to spend time with them!  I wrote this poem!

My journey

That I am on isn’t easy!

You might say and all

I can do is

Pray, pray, pray!

But I really wouldn’t have

It any other way!

Sometimes you want to

Give up!

But then you find

Some hope

A tiny glimmer like looking

Through the trees!

And it makes you

Want to get on your knees!

And you just ask what you

Can do?

To make things better

For someone else

To help them

All along their way! 😊❤️

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD❤️