Today I want to share with you just how frustrating it is and has been for me to look for and find employment.    I have gone to I can’t tell you many interviews and I have been very disapponted.  If you are facing that I know how you feel because I have been through that too.  I hope this helps someone today.  I wrote this poem.

Apply apply

Wait for the answer

Start again try try

Do it over

It’s so frustrating

But I have to keep it up

Somewhere there is the perfect job for me



Best Friend

Today  I want to write about my best friend who passed away with a brain tumor almost 2 years ago.  I still miss her very much.  Maybe you have a best friend too that you would like to share about.  Feel free to share about your friend.

What is a Friend?

It is someone that you care about and talk to about anything.  They are with you through the good times and the bad.  I have been so blessed to have a friend like this for many years.  We became grandmas together when both of our daughters became pregnant at the same time.  We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!

We met many years ago when our daughters were little girls and then our friendship just grew.  I even knew my friend before I met my husband of twenty years.  She has been with me when I was going through some of the worst times in my life.  She was always there for me.  She would always say it would be ok and with her help I got through it.

There were funny times to like when she was at my front door wearing only a slip because she got locked out of her house. Boy did we laugh and laugh. (Lol)  We always had something happen when we were together.  We made many zoo trips together with our children.  One time I remember we got a flat tire .  It really isn’t funny but we had so much fun and interesting times together.

I will never forget those treasured memories.  One time we went to the Greece Ridge Mall and we spent the whole day sniffing perfume.  (Lol) That’s a friend when you do things together no matter what it is.  It’s such a special bond.  That was just us just having fun talking and sharing with each other.  That’s what a true friend is.  Even sitting on my front porch talking and laughing with our coffees.  That was so special to me so cherish every minute you have with your friend because you never know how long that special time will last.  I am saying goodbye to my best friend but those times will live in my heart forever and I will never forget her or our friendship.  And I know one day we will be together again and that makes me feel good.  I can’t wait for that day so we can laugh together again.  😊


Unemployment 101

I’ve been desperately seeking employment for a really long time now so I thought I would share a post about some of my past experiences so maybe it would help someone who is facing this.  Yesterday I received a email from the Department of Labor telling me about a job opportunity so naturally I got a little excited about it.

So this made me feel a little good and happy to at least hear something about some type of employment.  Today I called the lady to ask about the job opportunity and she told me she was sending me a email with all the contact information that I needed.  So I immediately went to my computer and checked my inbox only to find the email that was the exact same place that I have already applied too like a million zillion times.(zzz) So that just took the wind out of my sails.

It is very frustrating to keep waiting for that pelrfect job opportunity.  It seems like a endless cycle of applying applying trying to fill out application only to be rejected again.  I try to make a good impression I guess I don’t do something right! What do you do? I feel like I’m in a merry go round and it just keeps spinning around to no end.  I want to cry, scream jump and forget about it then creeps up on me to go out there and do something! But what?  I went to college for Human Services and I can’t even pass the algebra test to get my degree after all those years of hard work I put into it.

I even tried to pass the test and I couldn’t so after fifteen long years I still have no degree.  It can be very heart breaking at times.  I’m fifty one years old with no job and a mammoth student debt because I can’t seem to find a job anywhere!  If you are a person out there that feels like your all alone and have been trying to find employment know that I too face this everyday and I would love to hear your stories and maybe we could work together to help somehow.😊