Our dog Belsie

We got a Yorker on December 31st 2012 because my daughter Cheryl really wanted a dog. She was just a puppy all those years ago. We lost her on September 1st and I miss her so much. I wrote this poem. When you lose a pet it really hurts they become part of your family.

It’s ok to cry

And I’m not going to lie

I miss her everyday even

Though she was just a dog.

She meant so much to me

Her name was Bell

And she could tell

When I was upset she would come

Sit with me to help me feel better

I loved her so much I wish I could feel

Her love once again

But she’s gone now

And some how I have to live

Without my

Dear sweet Belsie!

Copyright:Reflections of Love:CD ♥️💕❤️💜

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