I haven’t been on I’ve been very busy with both of my parents. But I wouldn’t trade this time I have spent with them for nothing! Some days are very hard but I get through them. It helps me to write. I wrote this poem. Have a great day! 😊

All those memories a

Distant past

All those dreams shattered

All those thoughts gone

Away far away!

But where did they go?

I do not know?

I wish I did.

My mom the person

I love so dearly is

Gone far away!

And I can’t get her back

No matter how hard I try!

I cry tears of sadness

Cuz the lady who I love

Is gone!

Some days she doesn’t know

Who I am!

And it breaks my heart

Into a million

Tiny pieces

But it’s not her fault

It’s just this

Dumb dumb


Copyright:: Reflections of Love/CD❤️


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