Goodbye for now

I wrote this poem. My Aunt Bev passed away last Saturday! My mom’s older sister. I was pretty close to her all my life and loved her very much! I hope you like it cuz it helps me to write and share my feelings! It’s been a hard week ! Have a great day and a wonderful Holiday ! 😀🌈

I’m sorry I didn’t

Get to say goodbye

To you!

But I love you so much

I wish I could feel your

Sweet touch again!

You were always there for me so I’m glad

Your free from all of that disease

You taught me a lot all through

My life!

When I was a little kid you took me

To church and told me about Jesus!

We had so many laughs and some tears

All through these years!

You were the best

Aunt anyone could ever want or

Ask for and I know we will meet

Again but for now I just want

To say goodbye

My sweet

Aunt Bev!😊❤️

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD ❤️😊


3 thoughts on “Goodbye for now

  1. Julie (aka Cookie) December 16, 2018 / 1:41 am

    I lost my aunt- mother’s younger sister a year ago— very difficult- my prayers continue for your my friend

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