The Fall

I wrote this poem. Fall is my favorite time of year with all the pretty trees and everything pumpkin! Have a lovely day ! 😊

I love the Fall

How the leaves

Fall down, down, down

The season changes

And the air gets


The apples are all ripe

And the orange pumpkins

Come out.

It’s just a nice time of year

With hot apple cider.

And you know the

Seasons change

So fast in

New York! 🍎🍎🍎🍎

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD ❤️


One thought on “The Fall

  1. Leonas Lines October 31, 2018 / 1:01 am

    Nice! I can almost smell the apple cider! It reminds me of the movie “You’ve Got Mail” where she says “Don’t you just love New York in the Fall?” 😊🍁🍂

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