I wrote this poem. I hope you like it. I feel like my mom is slipping away from me more and more everyday! I hate dementia it steals so much ! It helps me to write and I hope it can help someone else who is facing this with a family member or loved one. Have a great day !

Oh mom

I wish I could go

Back when you were

Free from all of this


It’s not fair that

Your missing out on all these


I will remember for you!

I will help you be there

No matter what!

When I was little you were there and

All through my life and you

Have made me into the person

I am today because of you!

Now I will be there for you

Even when it’s so blue!

You have given so much

I just want to feel your

Touch again!

I am proud to call you

My mom and I hope

Someday you will know

And never forget me?

Please mom don’t

Forget me?

Forget me?

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD ❤️


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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