In life it’s so hard to wait for anything. You just want to get it over but sometimes it’s better to wait. I wrote this poem I hope you like my blog because I really enjoy writing and sharing. I like reading all of your blogs too. Have a great day! 😊❤️🌈

It’s so hard

To wait

You don’t understand

All that is in your plan?

You know you have to

Trust in him to lead

You through!

You have the best for me

And you set me free

So I can be

All you want me to be!

So here I wait and wait

Waiting to hear the ringing

Of the phone in my ears!

Waiting to hear what is

Going on!

Waiting to cry but

Holding back the tears!

With all the fears that have

Been in my heart

But the best thing I can do is

Put my trust in you

To help me make

It through!

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD❤️


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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