This past week hasn’t been the best for me.  My dad had to go to the hospital last Wednesday by ambulance.  He has severe asthma and kidney disease and copd.  So you see he has a lot he’s battling! I have been staying with my mom because she has dementia and she needs daily care.  So please pray my dad comes home soon! I wrote this poem! Have a lovely day! 😇


We are all 

Going to meet 

Our maker !

Someday it will be all 

Over ! 

We will become young 


Because he paid it all 

For us! 

He paid the ultimate sacrifice 

For us! 

Because he loves us 


He gave up everything 

For us so 

That’s what we should 

Do for him!

Live our lives 

For him and 

Never look 

Back again! 

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD❤️


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