I wrote this poem.  Have a awesome Friday!

There is more to life

Than just things.

It’s looking outside and seeing

A bright sun!

It’s a walk down the road on a cool crisp

Summer day!

Its having a ice cream with someone that

You love!

It’s sharing with someone how you feel!

It’s looking at a pretty picture with

Beautiful colors in it.

It’s holding hands with someone who you

Love and kissing them gently on their


It’s rocking with your grand daughter to

Get her to sleep and singing  gently to her!

It’s just sharing with someone and

caring for them!

You can go to the store and buy anything that your little heart desires but these things you can never buy and you should always cherish these special times because they aren’t just things they are your life! So enjoy every minute that you have and hold the people that you love close!😀🌼

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD

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