Good ole days

I wrote this poem.  I miss the times when my mom could do more.  It’s hard sometimes but I’m glad she’s still here and I can spend time with her.  Have a great day!🌼

I wish I could go back

To the good old days!

Days before all this

Disease hit!

When my parents were well.

I would give anything to go

Over there and have a famous Blt

Again for lunch!

Like my mom always made me or

A nice bowl of jello with

Fruit cocktail in it!

I miss those days when my

Mom knew what was going on

And I could talk to her without

Her asking me the same things

Over and over again!

I miss those days of just

Enjoying being together!

You might think it doesn’t matter

But cherish the days that you have

Because you never know how

Long it will last!

It would be great just to have those


Little things back again!

You might just say the

Good ole days!😀🌼

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD



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