Happy Monday!  I wrote this poem! It seems like my mom is slipping away from us more and more each day! Sometimes it’s so hard to bare.  So it helps me to write.  I appreciate all of you so much!  Have a wonderful day!😀

I want my mom back

Like she was before!

I want more time

With her!

I want her to remember

All the times we’ve shared!

I want her to remember my

Steps that I took when I was

A little child.  I want her to remember

When I was a teenager and came home

Late and then grew up and got married

To have her grandchildren!

I want more time

I want her to remember all

The love and tears and

Laughter we shared!

I need more time

With her!

It breaks my heart

To be far apart!

It’s not fair that I care

So much!

I need more time

I have things to

Say to her I need her to be

With me to lift me up

When I fall down!

I need her to carry me!

Carry me!

Please mom come back to me!

I miss you so much!🌼😀

Copyright: Reflections of Love/CD


2 thoughts on “Mom

  1. writerwannabe763 March 21, 2017 / 1:15 am

    I remember having those same thoughts when my mother gradually became unable to talk or remember….I longed to have her sit across the table from me drinking a cup of tea and sharing… It does take some time to adjust to the new relationship, as it is, but all the memories will bring you joy in time… Diane

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