Snow storm

We got blasted the past two days with snow and wind.  All the schools in our county are closed and we have a ton of snow to shovel.  It’s bitterly cold and I just want to stay in the house where it’s warm.  

It’s supposed to be spring here but I guess winter had other plans.  Last week we had a bad wind storm and many people didn’t have electricity.  Now we all have this to deal with.  Oh well I’m thankful at least we are in a warm house and we are all safe and sound.  This will be a storm that we will remember.  

I really don’t remember having this much snow since I was a little kid.  Oh well that is New York for you ! I hope you all have a wonderful day and stay warm and thankful ! 😊❤

A few pictures to show how much snow we have and it’s still snowing and blowing out ! 😊 The first picture is my front porch. 


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