I hope you all have a wonderful day!😀

Everyday is a gift

From God we open

Up and look at

All the time!

It’s amazing!

We all have 24 hours

To do with it

What we want!

Are we going to use it?

For your glory? Or are

We going use it for ourselves?

We should be there

For someone who may

Need it !

And offer a caring hand!

To anyone who

Really needs it!

And a helping hand

Wherever we can help


Copyright-Reflections of Love/CD

Picture credit: pixabay


One thought on “Gift

  1. writerwannabe763 February 8, 2017 / 9:45 pm

    Lovely poem… (I see a tag or is it a tag and category…( but don’t forget to use several separated by a comma…. for this one there could be Tags such as Poem,Christianity,Love,God,Poem and Categories added such as similar to the Tags Poem,Christianity,God,Poem, Love

    Some bloggers search by Category and some by Tags.. It just means more blogger may see your blog site.

    But whatever you want to do is okay as it may be alright for you the way it is. Take care.. Diane

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