One Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday even though she really don’t remember it!  I started this blog because I wanted to share about my experiences and challenges that we face because of Alzheimer’s disease!   I hope I can help someone else who might be facing this also!  I wrote this poem! Have a great day!

You only have

One mom in

Your life and


I have the best

Of all the rest!

She might not

Know that

I love her so!

But she has been

With me since!

I was born

She has seen me at

My worst

And best.

Since I was a


And many more!

She has seen me through

And when I was feeling


Now that’s she’s older

Things have been changing!

I have to take care

Of her!

Instead of like before!

It might not be easy!

But I don’t care!

She is my mother!

Like no


Copyright-Reflections of Love/CD

Picture: pixabay



3 thoughts on “One Mom

  1. kitcatsdesigns February 13, 2017 / 5:02 am

    Very Beautiful, Thoughts to you in this hard time of your life..I am glad that you have found a great out let for yourself..take care

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