Sometimes we don’t understand everything that goes on but we have to trust that he has the best for us.  I wrote this poem and I hope you like it. I hope you are enjoying my blog as much as I enjoy sharing with all of you.  If I can help one person it will be worth it all!  I want you to know that I care for all of you!  I’m trying to do the best that I can! Have a amazing day!😊🌼

How do I take

All these pieces

Of my heart and

Put them back

Together again?

I do not know but

That helps me

Grow into what you

Want me to so

I can be free!

It’s hard to understand

All that’s in your


I can’t get carried

Away til I listen

To what you have to

Say to me!

You have the best

For me!

But sometimes I have to

Get on my knees!

And listen to your


Because I really have

No choice

In your plan

For me!🌼😊 


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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