Highway of Life

Everyday were on the Highway of life

and strife

We don’t know what way to turn !

But you know!

Where to go!

Sometimes it’s so easy and we don’t know

How to go but

You lead us !! And guide us!!

Sometimes we try and go on our own and we

Hit obstacles on our way and you just let us

Then sometimes we listen to that voice and

We go where you want us too

All the time your right there watching us

Make our own mistakes and loving us along the way.

What way will we turn next will we go

Straight or make a u turn!

Then some storms come and shake us

Around and we have to try and make it through!

With you we can make it a little longer

When your by my side

But we have to take it in

Stride and enjoy the ride!

I wrote that last year!  I hope you like it!😊



Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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