Mirror Reflections


We all have them

Maybe we will remember maybe we won’t

Sometimes their are people who can’t remember

People that we love very much.

People that we see and know very well

People in all walks of life.

We need to be there for them

No matter what

They can’t help what is happening

To them

It’s not their fault

They have a disease just like no other

It’s so hard to comprehend what is going on

But all we can do is

Love them and care for their every need

And let them know that are still important.


One thought on “Mirror Reflections

  1. Cattie's World October 5, 2016 / 10:18 am

    I really don’t know whether our Kids will Lovingly Care for us and Treat Us in our Old Age, even if we are suffering from dreadful illnesses.
    Thank God for the many Old Age Homes popping up. When I grow Old, I would rather be there and be a burden or irritation to my family.

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