Unemployment 101

I’ve been desperately seeking employment for a really long time now so I thought I would share a post about some of my past experiences so maybe it would help someone who is facing this.  Yesterday I received a email from the Department of Labor telling me about a job opportunity so naturally I got a little excited about it.

So this made me feel a little good and happy to at least hear something about some type of employment.  Today I called the lady to ask about the job opportunity and she told me she was sending me a email with all the contact information that I needed.  So I immediately went to my computer and checked my inbox only to find the email that was the exact same place that I have already applied too like a million zillion times.(zzz) So that just took the wind out of my sails.

It is very frustrating to keep waiting for that pelrfect job opportunity.  It seems like a endless cycle of applying applying trying to fill out application only to be rejected again.  I try to make a good impression I guess I don’t do something right! What do you do? I feel like I’m in a merry go round and it just keeps spinning around to no end.  I want to cry, scream jump and forget about it then creeps up on me to go out there and do something! But what?  I went to college for Human Services and I can’t even pass the algebra test to get my degree after all those years of hard work I put into it.

I even tried to pass the test and I couldn’t so after fifteen long years I still have no degree.  It can be very heart breaking at times.  I’m fifty one years old with no job and a mammoth student debt because I can’t seem to find a job anywhere!  If you are a person out there that feels like your all alone and have been trying to find employment know that I too face this everyday and I would love to hear your stories and maybe we could work together to help somehow.😊



One thought on “Unemployment 101

  1. Julie (aka Cookie) October 1, 2016 / 12:11 am

    Our son just graduated college after 8 long years. He has a learning disability and all schooling has been a long and arduous road. He is very bright, but struggles and had lots of learning curves when he was younger. He is almost 28, has been married now for 2 years and has just gotten a job in Atlanta…
    I totally understand perseverance…and I have learned often, the hard way, that my life is going to be in God’s time…not my time

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