Sunday Dinner

Sunday’s in my family have always been a real important day to me.  Even when I was growing up on Sunday my mom would make a special meal for us.  I guess what I mean about special is like something you might have on a Holiday a ham, roast or something that would smell up the she house with the aroma.  I always looked forward to it every week because we would all sit down together.  I’m trying to pass that on to my own family but sometimes that is hard because of our schedules.  Now since my mom has gotten where she gets confused to cook anymore I make a meal on Sundays for my mom and dad.

All the rest of the week they get meals on wheels which really helps them.  I’m so thankful for the local office for the aging they have really helped me out a lot.  I think this is a real privilege to be able to do this I think it makes me feel better by doing it than them.  I just feel it’s something that I can do it’s just a little something that helps them   It’s worth it to me just to be able to help them out any way that I can.  After all they have seen me through a lot of things in my life that’s the least I could do.  Sometimes we put ourselves in boxes but sometimes we need just to forget about what you are expected to do and just do what you feel is right.  So today I’m thankful for another Sunday dinner.😊









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