I am titling this post decisions because when you have a loved one or a elderly parent with this disease you have to make a lot of decisions.  You have to decide how long your loved one is going to be able to take care of him and herself.  This is very stressful sometimes when your a daughter that all of a sudden have to become a care giver because no one else is available so you have to do whatever is possible to help this person out even if that means you have to give up things and do the best for them because they are your parent and you should take care of them because you can’t remember a time in your life when they weren’t there for you.  Sometimes it’s hard when you have to make all of the decisions because they can’t really do it anymore. Then there are decisions to have agencies help them with weekly meals and how much care that this person needs.  It’s very frustrating at times but you have to do your best with the decisions that have to be made. You become the parent now.


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