Far away

I’m titling this post far away because that is where people are who live with this disease.  My mom seems so far away now and it’s very heart breaking on you as a daughter watching your mom decline a little bit more everyday.  All you want to do is , scream cry or  whatever you can do to cope with this.  It’s almost like she isn’t the same  person anymore and  the person that she once was is gone.  You just have to realize that the person that you used to know is gone and you have to come to terms with the new person that they have become.  It’s not really easy though it’s terrifying to have to let go of the old person.  Right now that’s all I can do is try and get through as much as possible.  I have to be strong somehow and I hope anyone who has to face this can cope as much as possible.  I am thinking about attending a support group in my area to try and help me better.😀 It might be worth it maybe it will help me a little to know other people who are facing this. 😀

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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