I’m titling this post family because you have to belong to a great family to deal with this disease. I have that just right now sometimes I wish there were more people helping my mom and dad out. I try and visit them every other day to make sure they are alright.  Sometimes it’s hard to make sure all by myself.  It would be great to share some of the duties and tears with someone else.  It can be  frustrating as a daughter to have to keep a eye on her parents but I really don’t mind.

I’m glad I’m close by for them.  I am only about five minutes away from them.  I find it a real privilege to help them out as best that I can.  After all they are my parents and God says who honors their parents live a long life.  I would want the same kind of things done for me.  😀 You never know when you will be on the other side of things.  It’s very important to keep in contact and let the rest of the family know what is going on.  It makes things a little easier on everybody involved. I know that they care and they all have busy lives.  We are all in this together and that’s what really matters.


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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