I titled this post repeat because this is what a person with this disease does. They might ask you the same question over and over again because they forget that they asked you. Sometimes this can very frustrating but it’s not them it’s the disease that is affecting them. Also it’s like they repeat everything on a daily basis. They do the same things ! I know it’s very hard to watch someone you love do this every day ! My mom can’t remember if she has watched a tv show before . She might one day and not the next.  Today I went over there to get something for my husband and my dad decided he wanted to come over to our house ! Well when they got there my mom hugged me and said its nice seeing you because she already forgot I was there not even half a hour ago ! She had already forgotten ! This is extremely hard of you because you really don’t know if one day this person who you have been with your whole life is not going to remember you at all . It breaks your heart in a million different pieces. You just wish it could be different again but you just can wish for better days and cherish all the days you have to spend with them and show them your love.😃❤️


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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