I titled this unknown because you don’t know what to expect next with this terrible disease. As a daughter it’s very confusing to me what is going to happen on a daily basis because my mom can be fine one minute and the next she might not be. Sometimes she has a good memory and other times she really has none. It can be very heart breaking to watch someone you love so much go through this. Someone who has been with you your whole life.  Someone who has carried you through childhood and beyond even with your own children. It’s a mystery to what goes on in your brain to make you be like this. You have to realize it’s not them anymore but they are there and you can see them but their mind and memories of years past are gone and maybe they will get them back or maybe they won’t. It’s devastating to you as a child see your loving parent have such a hard time.  It is the most terrifying thing to watch and live through. You just have to come to cherish all the good memories that you still can share together and as time goes by maybe you can keep a journal and help this person to remember or make a scrap book and spend as much time with them so they will know they are loved and cared for. That they will never be forgotten and they are still important no matter what  ! 😀


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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