I titled this post confused because that’s what this disease does to your mind ! It is hard to comprehend and do things that you used to do. It just gets worse as time progresses. You lose all your ability to do tasks that you could do before ! Your brain cells lose something I’m not real sure but your brain I think just doesn’t work like it once did ! It’s very confusing how it all happens ! The doctors can give you medicine to try and help you remember but it just prolongs the process of it ! I know the doctors can only try their best but then you run into side effects that the medicine causes ! The very sad thing about this there is no cure for this at this time ! Maybe someday they will find s cure for this with support and prayer ! For this I hope so ! All we can do is try our very best when our loved one is going through this. I know it’s not easy but with love and caring we can face this together .



Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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