I titled this unsure today because with this disease you are unsure of what’s going to happen next ! It’s so hard not knowing how this person is going to be from day to day! It is like a rollercoasters ride sometimes! It’s very hard to go through all of this with someone you love so much ! It rips a part of you out to see someone that you love not know basic things that we all take for granted! The worst thing for me right now is not knowing how long my mom is going to remember me her only daughter ! The one who she gave birth too fifty one years ago ! The one who I have counted on my whole life! The one who has been with me my whole entire life! The one who watched me take my first step the one who watched me go on the bus for the very first time ! What am I going to do with those memories ! I do not know ! I have pictures and stories but how am I going to help her remember them ! This is so heart wrenching and devastating to  their families and people that are close to them ! It’s hard to keep a whole lifetime full of people places celebrations that they have seen their whole lives ! All I can say is mom please somehow remember me ! ❤️ Please God heal !😊


Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you come back and find it helpful. 😊

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